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Virtual Presence Brand Marketing with Emery B. Barber

EBCreativeMedia Virtual Presence to Prosper

Our online Virtual Presence Brand Marketing Series, designed to help you take stock your brand and the tools within your reach to promote them in the virtual realm of things.

The series includes:

✅ Learn about 3 creative marketing apps to help you promote your product or service on a shoestring budget.

✅ Learn 7 things you can do to enhance your brand in one week.

✅ Learn how to enhance and secure your Virtual Presence.

😇 Upon payment, you will receive 📲 or 📨 with the code for our virtual sessions. Looking forward to working with you.

Activating Virtual Presence to Prosper,

Emery B. Barber Creative Media


Virtual Presence Intensive​

$97.97 $197.97