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Salutations! I'm Emery Barber, I founded EBCreativeMedia to help organizations and individuals by providing creative media solutions to help them to activate their vision and follow through toward profitable fruition. 

​I am the author of Strategy for a New Beginning, and creator of the 7R's of Strategy for Success, a 7-week online intensive where I utilize biblical principles to approach contemporary issues to help my clients discover and activate their gifts toward solutions for a new beginning. 

I have been teaching and equipping the masses in New York City and abroad for greater works in the Kingdom as a Pastor and Kingdompreneur for more than 15 years, and served well a plethora of churches, organizations, and Kingdompreneurs that range from Pastors and Faith-based Ministries to Chefs, Event Planners, Restauranteurs, Marketing Agencies, Fashion Merchandisers, Home-builders, Educational Institutions, Book Publishers, and Music Publishers. I look forward to being your guide in this journey to discover your gifts, as you accept my challenge to exhaust them.
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Personal Development Courses

As the Creative Media Director of EBCreativeMedia.com, Emery has worked with his team to develop a curriculum of courses that include, branding, marketing, business development, leadership development, web design, music and book composition & publishing.  View offerings

Creative Media Coaching

Using one of many frameworks that Emery has authored, he uses the Be Creative framework to help his clients identify and activate their gifts, visions, and dreams that may have been underutilized or lay dormant and provides guidance to bring them to fruition.  Reserve Now

Speaking Engagements

As a Speaker, Pastor, Teacher, Leadership Mentor, and Chaplain Coach for many years, Emery Barber has equipped and trained on personal and corporate platforms both in-person and virtually. Book him for your next event today!

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