Daily Motivation


Daily Motivation

Signature thoughts from me to you. 
Just what you need to adjust your speed,
or simply to be still.

Space For You, Emery B. Barber

Peering through an open space in a fence can unbelievably be a daunting task at times. To look out on the vastness of the place we live, and know that there is a space for us to glean and give - of ourselves. So many things to do. So many moving parts. Where Do We Begin? 

It may be hard to admit, but the world is bigger than you are for a reason. Someone greater than you created it. And here's the really wonderful part - you are a part of His plan. 

That's right! God the creator of this universe has a plan for you. Before you were even born God knew you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by God for his purposes . The joy of it all is that when you turn your attention and surrender your life - that includes the very direction your life takes to God, God will reveal his plans to you. In fact, God will order your steps according to God's will.

I know there's do much to wrestle with in life as it is, but God never meant for us to just wing it alone. There's room for You in the presence of the Lord, and God invites you to take your place. Now how will you respond? 

Sometimes you have to say to yourself, "The time to begin is now. The place to begin is right here. With whom?" You may ask. Start with you. You may have experienced a level of success by the world's standards. but now it's time to go to the next level. 

Take inventory of your gifts and talents. Take stock of your dreams and aspirations. Then place them in the hands of the Architect of your life. Get ready to see like you've never seen before. Prepare to plan the work and then work the plan - God's way. Know that there is a task for everyone. There is space and a place just for you. And when one space has become too small or is no longer a fit for you, take hold of the essentials and prepare for the new.

Get ready, 
Emery B. Barber

Selah, Emery B. Barber

God calls us into moments of pause and reflection. These are opportunities to talk with God. To patiently wait. and receive a response from God. Take a moment, clear your mind, and be refreshed in His presence. 

Emery B.

Agape, Emery B. Barber

Special message for you. 

"I still love you... 
Despite your efforts
to live an abundant life
without me, 
The invitation is still open.
Come to me...

Surrender all... and gain

P.S. I am the Abundant Life
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